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March 15 - ... I'm callin' in reference to the ... drug sweep. ... Why everybody's 'round here worri
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... I'm callin' in reference to the ... drug sweep. ... Why everybody's 'round here worried about all the drug dealers ... they also need to include the big-shot people that's in the offices that is embezzlin' all the money ... and not goin' to prison behind it also. They also need to round them up.

I see where the union in Wisconsin finally lost their power. That'll have Mr. Jessie Jackson there protestin'. What is he gon' do? ... The union thugs ... threaten people, beat people, push people, cuss people! Nobody says anything about it in the mainstream media. I wonder what's wrong with that? ... Check it out sometime. These guys are nuthin' but thugs!

A city this size without a professional city manager is at risk. ... We can no longer be 'penny-wise ... or foolish'. We see the ship rise at the end of this short-sighted scenario.

Holli reports a crime-written scene down on Proctor Street. The obvious solution is city police on foot patrol. That's what is expected ... if we are a serious city.

Way to go, Statesboro Police, on the drug bust in Statesboro. Hope to see you in Portal soon to do the same.

Of the 33 people arrested ... with 'Operation Street Hustler', I happened to notice that only two of 'em are white. But somehow one of 'em showed up on the front page. ... Is this the Statesboro's Herald's attempt at being politically correct? ... Also, if I was an outstanding ... black citizen in this county, I'd be extremely upset with the ... 31 of these guys.

I was just drivin' down Highway 80 ... and this gentleman in a black truck ... almost hit the Family Health Care sign because he was tryin' ... text and drive! ... Don't text and drive! You might kill somebody! This law needs to be enforced more than others ... more than ever! Thank you.

This is to the idiot that dumped his three tires, a car battery ... a jack and a ... trailer hitch on my property: I got your ... car tag on video. You got seven days from now to come get 'em ... or I'm gonna report you to the police. I'll just turn the video over.

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