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March 14 - To the person who sent in the comment about the CHILD program to reduce childhood obesity
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To the person who sent in the comment about the CHILD program to reduce childhood obesity: would you please contact us at and we will be happy to explain to you the … problems that we are havin' addressing some of these issues.

Why … did the lady lookin' for her children to come home on the school bus feel like she had to call 911? Was there a problem somewhere that she couldn't … contact the school or transportation department? I just don't understand why it was necessary to involve so many police officers in this endeavor to locate her children.

Well, they wonder why we got so many drug addicts. Well, let me tell you. They start 'em off in pre-k … on drugs. Instead of a peach limb, they wanna pop a pill.

… I find it interesting with the way gas prices are goin' all these people that whined and cried and complained and blamed George Bush … as president for the reason that the gas prices are gettin' so high. But now they're gettin' up and none of you whiners out there wanna say anything about the fact that the current president is not doing a thing to help us. I think it's pretty pathetic that because he's black nobody wants to criticize 'im. … Have a good day.

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