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March 14 - Republicans and TEA Partyers keep telling us we will magically have $2 per gallon gas by
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Republicans and TEA Partyers keep telling us we will magically have $2 per gallon gas by invading Iran and building the Keystone pipeline immediately ... which wouldn't be finished until 2019, with none of the oil going to U.S. refineries. ... Is there a genius out there who can tell us how this would be possible? ... These people continue to live in a world of fantasy and delusion.

"I have three suggestions ... for the city of Statesboro. Number one ... repave Packinghouse Road. Number two, repave Packinghouse Road and number three, please repave Packinghouse Road.

Isn't that just lovely? A GSU theater professor is tryin' to teach her students about violent uprisings. She wants to impress on them the secret to a result is, 'Guns. Lots of guns.' ... Let's all go out and shoot people! ... What is going on at that university?

I was ... I was glad to see the article about Spike Jones' volunteer work. ... Dean Jones is one of the greatest administrators to ever served at Georgia Southern. ... What really made him stand out was that even though ... he had many great achievements ... he went about his work with humility and always kept a great sense of humor.

Why do people hang around an area ... they hate so much? ... Do us all a favor and move on. ... I speak of the writer ... of 'Georgia: The Dyslexic State' ... on the blog page March the 1st and all other unhappy folk not being held here.

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