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June 28 - When times get bad, the weeds begin to grow. ... Tell the KK ... K ... to clean up their
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When times get bad, the weeds begin to grow. ... Tell the KK ... K ... to clean up their own act first ... leaving the highway department ... to clean up their act.

Why can't the Klan have ... adopt a highway? We have a Martin Luther King Highway and other ... things named after him. ... What is .. fair for the goose is fair for the gander. Show no partiality. Freedom! ... That's what they preach. So ... let's name a highway. ... Have a good day.

Apparently, nothin' but pure greed is required in order for owners to destroy beautiful trees and leave a public eyesore along Highway 80 East and Beasley Road. ... Does the city have any means to see that the dead trees and limbs will be removed? ... The leftover debris ... of limbs and stumps are a public eyesore.

To the person who figured out ... that The Old Testament came first in the Bible. ... You seem real proud of yourself. ... But what did you prove? And by what case are you resting? ... And where is the fact you were going to leave with us stupid, crazy Christians? ... Just wonderin'. God bless.

I see in Wednesday's Soundoff where there's another person who doesn't understand what separation between church and state means.

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