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June 23 - ... I'm callin' about today's article on the ... off-road motor sports ... racing. Glad to
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... I'm callin' about today's article on the ... off-road motor sports ... racing. Glad to see some light finally shine on this sport. ... My nephew was involved in motorcross racing for years and he loved it. And it's a great way for the family to get together. ... Thanks to the Herald for printing this.

I wish the Statesboro Herald would not publish the number of euthanized animals at the animal shelter. ... The poor helpless animals. It would be great if we did not have to read that. ... Thank you.

The Statesboro Herald paper box just outside ... the Summit Apartments ... was removed due to people taking the papers ... and ... and not paying for them. ... Maybe ... the papers can be left at the manager's office. ... Maybe that's a good idea. Thank you.

... June the 6th was the anniversary of the Normandy Invasion, in which there were 2,499 American fatalities. ... For three years, Obama has ignored this anniversary. ... He was too busy stormin' the beaches of California raisin' campaign money from his rich ... entertainment friends. I cannot conceive of any military family voting for Obama. ... He and his fellow Democrats have never favored a strong U.S. military. ... Thank you.

Accordin' to the EPD and the ... D ... NR, we only have a drought below King Finishin' plant, not above. ... If you farm, you should have a great crop above King's pot. Thank you.

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