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June 14 - I'm a retired Army first sergeant. I donated a donated a five-foot by eight-foot Ame
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 ... I'm a retired Army first sergeant. I donated a ... donated a ... five-foot by eight-foot American flag the Friday before Memorial Day to Mill Creek Park ... to replace the ... tattered and ... faded one flying. Did they replace it? ... Of course not. That would be too easy.

I agree with the caller about graduates not writin' thank you notes. ... It shows that parents haven't done their job ... in trainin' the child ... in writing ... or saying thank you. That's probably just one of the many things the child didn't get in upbringing.

To the lady who complained about those who do not acknowledge a gift: I suggest that she try my fail-proof method ... for getting a response. As a gift, send a check ... an unsigned check. ... As soon as the gift envelop is open, the lady will get a phone call. Guaranteed.

Fox News is owned by billionaire Australian Rupert Murdoch. It's second largest stockholder is a Saudi prince ... Alaweed ... bin ... Talal - A-l-a-w-e-e-d b-i-n T-a-l-a ... -l. ... This prince funds terrorism. ... Neither one of these people are Americans. Do you really, really believe that Fox news has the best interests of the American public at heart? ... You can google ... Fox's second largest shareholder if you don't believe me.

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