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July 5 - "Look at Syria. ... They don't vote there. ... They just kill off ... all the opposition. .
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Look at Syria. ... They don't vote there. ... They just kill off ... all the opposition. ... It's called a dictatorship. ... That's what Obama wants.

... Please respect others. ... We do not bring our kids to your door to raise. ... Do not bring animals to our house to raise.

I think the letter ... in the Sunday paper where regarding the 1 percent local option tax proposed for transportation should be required reading for everyone. ... If correct, why would anyone vote to add 1 percent sales tax here if only 25 percent of that money is to be spent in Bulloch County?

The Soundoff writer who continues the phony claim that President Obama was apologizing for America provides us now his dubious and discredited sources. Like the writer, they provide no video or audio evidence because there is none ... and thus reduced to fabricating quotes and hyperbole. ... This stupidity has been completely been debunked by the mainstream press, respected commentators and newspapers around the country.

Perhaps a 'Geese Crossing' sign at Cromley would help the public yield to these poor little animals. ... The geese are doin' nobody any harm. You don't have to be so cruel and inconsiderate and such aggressive drivers. ... Slow down, people. It's not that big of a deal.

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