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July 3 - I sure am glad them fellas there on Brooklet Denmark road ... that was totin' the hay aroun
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I sure am glad them fellas there on Brooklet Denmark road ... that was totin' the hay around ... made it to their destination all right. ... But it seems to me they forgot to clean up their mess. It's all over the roads and in the ditches. ... Hopefully, they'll come back and finish the job. ... Everybody have a good weekend! Let's keep Bulloch beautiful.

I see where Obama ... Friday is releasin' ... takin' restrictions off of ... immigration ... people so they can ... immigrants so they can ... vote for him. ... What's next, you know? Let's ... let's ... let's let ... let's ease up on the prisoners ... and get a few votes out of them. Oh, that oughtta bring in a few there. ... Maybe the ... the animals in the zoo, let's ... let's ease up on them. Maybe they'll vote for him. And maybe al-Qaida ... prisoners. Ohhh, boy! Thank you.

... For all you people who don't like Mitt Romney because he is a successful, wealthy man ... what do you want ... to run your country? An unsuccessful ... loser? ... Think about it. He's been successful for himself. He can be successful for us. He's a businessman. We need a businessman to run this country.

Hi, Soundoff. ... How could you possibly print that advertisement for Steak 'n Shake ... in the Saturday paper? It is so obvious that it came from an employee of Steak 'n Shake. ... I hope you have the guts to print this ... as a rebuttal. Thank you.

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