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July 28 - This is for all of the men that hang out at the local country stores ... spreading vicious
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This is for all of the men that hang out at the local country stores ... spreading vicious lies and gossiping about others. ... Go home to your wife. Throw out the Viagra and the dirty magazines and take out your Bible.

Number of times Republicans in congress voted to repeal health care ... 33. The number of bills they wrote ... and voted on to create jobs in America? Zero. The Republicans ... focus like a laser ... on meaningless theater.

Me fellow Americans are so naive. ... That's a kind way of saying my fellow Americans are so stupid!

Just a thought on motor vehicle laws of the state of Georgia. ... Are all trucks ... like pickup trucks, maintenance vans, anything up to 18-wheelers, required to have truck tags? ... And also, are utility trailers? ... Fishing boats? Golf carts? Lawn mowers, et cetera, required to have tags ... and working lights? ... Maybe the county is in violation of this or just givin' away free money. Thanks.

... I enjoyed reading the article on off-road motorcycle riding in the Herald. ... It sounds so exciting and challenging. ... Would love to see some of the local riders profiled in the Herald. ... It's nice to see other sports recognized. Thank you.

... I'd like to thank the ... that town for buyin' that pretty parrot that's at the corner of ... of Savannah Avenue and North Main. That ... that's a pretty lookin' bird out there.

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