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July 26 - Thank you to Stacey, Brandon and all the employees at Southern Pharmacy for providing ou
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

Thank you to Stacey, Brandon and all the employees at Southern Pharmacy for providing outstanding customer service. ... I'm especially thankful for how you work so diligently to save your customers money on prescriptions. ... You are a great example of doing business the right way.

Used to be after workin' all day in the summer heat, we could walk down to the Ogeechee River ... and set in the water up to our necks coolin' off while the little minners nibbled on our toes. ... Now, thanks to King America Finishin', those days are probably gone forever. ... It's a real shame, but what can you expect when money and politics are so involved in it?

I know the county has their hands full with the dirt roads, but if they can't ... if they can't ... plow the roads where they're smooth and not tear your automobile up, they should pave the roads. ... Bulloch County should pave the dirt roads! ... The ones that they cannot keep up and the ones that are just terrible to drive on. They should pave 'em! We have ... we ... have a good day.

The NRA's claim that the UN treaty to regulate global sales of small guns worldwide will strip Americans of their second amendment rights ... is just plain nuts. What mental defect causes the NRA leadership to feel the possession of guns by criminals, drug cartels and terrorists is necessary to the security ... if a free country?

I wanted to call and thank Keith and his daughter, Alaina, for stoppin' and changin' my tire. I had a flat tire on 67 ... this evening ... right before dark. And I'm an elderly woman. I can't do it myself and they saw me ... in distress and stopped and helped me and ... they were very kind. ... And I wanna say there are still ... a lot of good people in this world. ... God bless you. Thank you.

So, I'm supposed to believe ... that the pink stuff in the river didn't come from King America ... because a lawyer said it didn't. ... If the other side would have gotten to this same lawyer first .... Well, you see what I mean.

... I would like to thank the EPD for the sewage ditch ... and I just would like to know how much ... they were paid to put it there. ... Thank you.

Thank you, Jan Tankersley, for ... your article in ... about the Ogeechee River. ... We need more people like you in a position of power helpin' us.

Your reader may recommend Martha Hall for district attorney, but ask any lawyer who's dealt with her on the other side. I promise you he or she will say they support Richard Mallard ... for reasons of how she practices in ... her working life. She may be fine outside of the office, but ask anyone who deals with her why they hafta support Richard.

Our election campaigns are disgraceful. ... The candidates should only focus ... on what they can realistically plan to do for our country and not attack their opponents.

Everyone should support our weekly farmers market ... and help our local farmers ... who work hard to bring us good, fresh produce.

Why did the ice cream truck stop coming to Whispering Pines subdivision? ... My children are drivin' me crazy. Please come back.

Why do the people in Bulloch County throw trash along the sides of the road? They don't treat their house that way, I'm quite sure. They need to treat the roadways just like they would treat their house. Thank you.

This is in response to the Don Goebel ... the ignoramous who wrote the letter to the editor ... wanting ... Republicans and TEA partiers to move to Iran. ... I've got a ... problem with that, Buddy. ... You and your socialized programs, who's gonna pay for 'em if all us Republicans move out of the country? ... We're the ones payin' for all that with our taxes.

I tell ya what's gon' happen to the 'geechee River. ... Whoever controls the almighty dollar controls what happens to the river. They ain't gon' ... make it right. ... There's too many ... there's too much money involved. ... Thank you.

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