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July 24 - I have an idea ...I'd like to share. ... Most adults prefer to earn a living and thereby
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

I have an idea ...I'd like to share. ... Most adults prefer to earn a living and thereby gain self-respect. ... About 50 percent of our population ... is now receiving entitlements ... with no work involved. ... Why don't we hire them for community jobs ... and pay them with entitlements? ... Thank you.

... I would like to thank a couple of people for the falling gas prices. ... I'd like to thank Romney ... Gingrich ... Dick and Elizabeth Cheney ... Tom McElwee ... the whole damn bunch! Thank you very much!

For over three years, Obama campaigned for Obamacare ... saying it was not a tax. ... After it passed congress ... the Obama administration argued before the Supreme Court ... that it was a tax. ... The Supreme Court ruled it was a tax, therefore was constitutional. Now that they have won the court battle ... Obama and the Democrats refused to say it is a tax. ... I thought Obama said repeatedly that he would not raise taxes on anyone makin' less than $200,000. ... So much for promises.

I don't know who owns the bull mastas that's runnin' around in Leefield ... but it has just done damage to my car. It is 1:06 a.m. in the morning. I have deep gouges in my car from where it and that little Jack Russell Terrier thing ... has ... been after my cat. ... You will not have a dog ... much longer. I've already called animal control three times. Now, he's done property damage.

... Metter is not the only place that the good ol' boy system is still working. ... It's alive and well in Statesboro and Bulloch County also.

If the board of education would eliminate Fall Break and Winter Break and start school two weeks later ... they could save all to power bills from having to cool the schools during the hottest months of the year. That will be two weeks worth of electricity bill savings. The kids would still be on target ... for all the standardized tests. ... I think it's a great idea ... to have moved ... the open house to ... the time when teachers are normally there instead of paying extra ... for havin' the schools air conditioned at night. ... Please explore the idea starting school two weeks later. ...It would show a substantial savings for the ... board of education. Thank you.

... I can understand why the school teachers faces tough budget choices. ... I cannot understand ... why they ... built new facilities ... at ... Statesboro High ... and Southeast Bulloch High School. Thank you.

I need to let the people of Leefield know that address 7450 does not own the bullmasters. So hopefully this will keep anymore crazy people from wakin' me up at 2:30 in the mornin' blarin' their horns screamin' at me in my driveway about one. ... I didn't appreciate that. Thanks.

Why does the ... the gas stations run the price up? In today's paper, it's $3.59. Too high! Takin' advantage of the people! ... And why does the people from Bible Baptist Church across from ... Mill Creek charge $5 to parkin'? It ... that is takin' advantage of the people. ... A church shouldn't do that.

I agree with the person who says Obama wants to turn the U.S. into a dictatorship. ... And guess who he ... thinks should be the dictator. ... And also the people who vote for him will suffer like the rest of us ... and the free money faucet will eventually run dry for them, too. Thank you and have a nice day.

... I was at the Fourth of July festival yesterday at the Mill Creek Park ... and I met a lot of political candidates ... and I've come to the conclusion that this year I'm gonna vote based on the character of that candidate's spouse. Thank ya.

It is easy to remember this about Mitt Romney. Out-sourcing is what he did to American jobs. Off-shoring is what he does to his American money.

... I wonder how Gene Lyons knows that Rush Limbaugh uses Viagara. Oh, that's right. In his line of work ... he doesn't need to have the facts right. Thank you.

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