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July 1 - Austerity has been a total disaster in Europe ... bringing the continent to the point of ec
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Austerity has been a total disaster in Europe ... bringing the continent to the point of economic collapse. ... Republicans want to impose the same austerity measures on America ... with the Ryan Plan as its centerpiece. ... Why do they still insist it will work in America ... despite what the facts and history tells us?

Christians are not supposed to fight fire with fire. We fight fires with living water. ... When we are cursed, we bless. When hated, we love. When someone trespasses against us, we forgive. We fight lies with truth. We fight evil with good. ... Be firefighters and save as many as we can from the fiery death.

What is the difference between selfish and selfless? ... The answer ... there is no 'i' in selflessness.

Smaller government ... means ... unelected corporate control runnin' our country. if this happens, there will be lower wages, no benefits, no health care and no unions. There will be big profits for the corporations and there will be ... nothin' for you, America.

Thanks for your kind comments. However, it took seven commissioners working together to approve phase one paving of Jerry Hall ... and Cross Creek Circle. ... It would be great if phase two could be completed. Signed, Roy Thompson.

After reading all the stammering and stuttering utterances ... praising Barack Obama, I still say ... he has been a complete failure. ... Even worse ... than Jimmy Carter. Thank you.

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