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January 28 - I don't understand how the ... how the city of Statesboro could donate so much money ..
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I don't understand how the ... how the city of Statesboro could donate so much money ... $75,000 ... to The Belle House ... and they can't get they employees ... a raise that are ... actually doin' work. ... I understand that it's ... cost of livin' ... but I see the price of gas and the cost of livin' is steady goin' up. But they can give ... other employees raises that ain't doin' ... a damn thang.

I didn't think the ... college could stoop any lower ... than to have the Carvels come here and speak. They sure have proven me wrong by invitin' a cop-killer. ... I'm glad I don't have children ... over at that college ... to be indoctrinated.

 ...I just wanna know why the ... shootin' in Tucson, Arizona, was not ... classified as a act of terrorism? ... I guess you have to be a Muslim before ... you can be a terrorist, huh?

Martin Luther King Jr. would be so sad to hear that Angela Davis is coming to Georgia Southern. What were they thinking? Her message of violence goes against everything Dr. King stood for.

I would like to make ... one more desperate plea ... to George Bush ... and Dick Cheney. ... Please, please ease up on these gas prices. ... Okay? Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

I think it's time for Obama to step down. Nuthin' in our country is changing. ... We are at a standstill just markin' time. All the promises ... nothing is happening. The economy is terrible!

Holli, you are an intelligent person. You had to be makin' fun at the martin Luther King parade Saturday in your article about them havin' a marchin' band ... or you were seein' a mirage. You really need to correct your mistake by rewriting your article and apologize one way or another.

... I think the governor, the Real Deal, he's not the real deal ... if he's gonna allow Sunday alchohol sales. ... That's the day of the Lord. ... They drink six days a week. That's enough. ... They kill enough people on the road drunk drivin'. ... I think he should not pass that vote.

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