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January 27 - Bulloch County citizens, please sit down at your computer and Google search Angela Davi
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Bulloch County citizens, please sit down at your computer and Google search Angela Davis. See who it is that's being invited to speak to our children at Georgia Southern.

We don't need a traffic light or round-about at Burkhalter and Rushin' Road. That's Five Points. Traffic flows through ... the four-way stop just fine. If you don't know what a round-about is, there's one at GSU across from Pittman Park Church. Go through it and see how inconvenient it is. It won't work for big trucks and tractors. If the county wants to do something useful, they can put a traffic light in at Burkhalter Road and Highway 80.

Statesboro City Council, whatever happened to the failure to disclose the conflict of interest issue ... that was brought up? ... Did that get swept under the rug, too? ... How much more dirt can than rug hold?

Many of us in Statesboro was wondering what is goin' on with the education department up at ... Georgia Southern. ... Why do we hafto keep getting ... Communist professors in here to ... talk to our young people? How sad.

I surely hope ... with the new addition to Belk store at the Statesboro mall that they consider it being handicap-friendly. Currently, it is not handicap-friendly, nor is the mall for getting over the curbs. ... Gee, I thought there was ... more respect for ... our handicap and ... and ... and older citizens than this.

January the 20th was the anniversary of President John Kennedy's famous speech, in which he said, 'Ask not what you can ... your country can do for you. ... Ask what you can do for your country.' As a Democrat, Kennedy could not make that statement today, but we ... would be required to say, 'Ask what your country can do for you ... not what you can do for your country.

Sounds like the City of Statesboro is gettin' geared up for some more ... lawsuits. ... That place must be like some kinda damn insane asylum to work in.

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