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January 26 - Two questions for the person worrying about the well-being of other people. Number one,
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Two questions for the person worrying about the well-being of other people. Number one, is there anything wrong with bein' blessed? Number two, is there anything wrong with looking blessed? And, oh, by the way ... who are you tryin' to impress? ... Is it God or the devil?

If Councilman Chance really wants to get on the side of his constituents, he'll investigate into the fact that several ... subdivisions in his district were annexed into the city years ago and the only opportunity it gives us is to pay city taxes and be mandated to pay for garbage pick-up. We have no city water, no city gas ... or anything else that the city offers other people that don't even live in the city. We need better ... coun ... politicians.

Wednesday's paper, January the 19th ... ‘Georgia university chief expect tuition hikes'. ... One way they could save money is by not adding the unneeded, unnecessary ... engineering schools at Georgia Southern and at ... University of Georgia. Seems pretty simple to me. They're spendin' ... over a million dollars at each place to do that. And, yet, they gon' jack up the price ... to go to these schools on the students.

I'm reading in Tuesday's paper ... about the expansion of Belk's. What Belk's need to ... expand and take in consideration is a new buyer for the women's department. We have lots of college kids here, but we also have lots of plus-size women and girls. Give us a break and get larger sizes for women and girls in Statesboro. We like to look nice, too, and not like the 1800s. I would love to hear from other women about this.

... To the citizens of Statesboro: you better wake up. ... There's a crew from Millen, georgia, tryin' to run your city government. They can't even run they own city in Millen. ... But they tryin' to come over and oppress you and fool you ... like they all smart. ... people from Millen tryin' to run Statesboro. ... If you don't open your eyes ... you will see what's gon' happen. ... People from Millen tryin' to run the city of Statesboro. That's a damn shame.

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