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January 23 - If you cross the border illegally into any other country, you will be arrested and pr
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

If you cross the border illegally into any other country, you will be … arrested and probably tortured and executed. If you cross the border to the USA … illegally, you get a job, driver's license, Social Security card, welfare, food stamps, credit cards … free education, free health care and on and on and on. Is somethin' wrong with this picture?

I called a couple of weeks ago to find out why the land was being cleared on Gentilly. Some wing nut responded with ridiculous comments about my payin' taxes on the land. … I wanted to know if this is a city or county project like the long-awaited biking/hiking trail or somethin' by a private developer. Does anybody know? Can I get a reasonable response? Thank you.

How can our congressmen and senators vote themselves … a $5,000 raise when Social Security did not even get a cost of living raise? How can they sleep at night? Why not give each family $5,000? Look what that would do for the economy. Maybe we need to ban together and let our voices be heard.

I was watchin' the news when some … Democratic congresswoman was asked to justify … why some 30,000 a year … Wal-Mart employee had to pay taxes on his health insurance … while some union worker makin' a hundred and fifty thousand didn't have to. … Man, he shoulda heard all the … hemmin' and hawin' around that woman was doin'.

I don't think John Barrow would lie to you. But I think he's been in office long enough. I think it's time to vote all the old-timers out. The ones that are over unions and the ones that owe … the other special interest … groups. The special interest are payin' these guys off. Let's vote 'em all out. … Vote 'em … all … out!

 I don't know … who the qualified people was that you say ; Obama has … appointed. I know there's a whole list of … czars that appointed to positions that they have no idea what … what's goin' on there. He has not appointed anybody that's qualified.

I beg pardon, but I don't have any Republican buddies, Democrat ones either, for that matter. I don't like any … any of 'em. … I still say Obammy's no better than King George was when it comes to choosin' qualified people to do critical jobs. … It's all just political cronyism at its worst. One notable exception is … defense secretary Robert Gates. Now, that's a fine man.

  I would like to agree … with the person … call in the Soundoff about usin' steroids. I think all baseball players or any athlete that has … lied about … usin' steroids should be banned from their respective sports.

    … I'm callin' because I really need help. … These … someone started 'The Love of Larry' … campaign. … We need a … counseling session for girls and boys, group therapy. There is nowhere in Bulloch County that has this. I have called all over and can't get no help. Someone, please help our kids. We need counseling … therapy … group … sought up for girls and boys. I know someone out there can help.


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