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January 19 - "Listen up, folks. Let's keep the health care bill ... and get rid of the TEA Party. ..
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Listen up, folks. Let's keep the health care bill ... and get rid of the TEA Party. ... We can drink coffee ... and lemonade. Okay? Thank you.

You know, today, dog hunting season is over and I actually feel safe ... for my kids to wait on the school bus Monday mornin'. It certainly is a good change.

You know, today ... deer season s'posed to be over. ... But for us landowners, we got about another month of it cleanin' up all the stray dogs left wanderin' around. ... Have a good day.

After the events of Virginia Tech, Fort Hood and now Tucson, I'm beginnin' to wonder if we're ever gon' figure out that savin' innocent human lives is more important than tryin' to protect the privacy of some dangerous certified nut case.

Only a naive person would expect ... employees to have initiative when they haven't had a raise ... in al ... almost four years.

It sure is fun watchin' basketball ... if your team is winnin'.

How could the company cable - the company cable - lose signal of the most highly-televised game in the state of Georgia on this evenin'? How could they lose the Falcons and Packers game? This is ridiculous! I'm callin' the lynchin' mob.

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