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January 14 - Bulloch County Board of Education and superintendent, we know that you've been spending
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Bulloch County Board of Education and superintendent, we know that you've been spending excessive tax dollars on extravagant and showy schools. But today, you take the cake. Today, you jeopardize our children's safety. Even an idiot knows that rain and freezing temperatures are a deadly mix.

... Good morning. I was wondering who has to be notified ... to paint these back country roads with white guidelines on the sides and ... and a strip down the middle? ... It's so hard driving at night around here. Can somebody do somethin' about gettin' the white stripes painted?

Candler, Screven, Jenkins, Evans, Liberty, Tattnall ... all smart enough ... with superintendents smart enough ... to cancel school in the middle of an ice storm. Way to go, Bulloch.

The situation with the schools in Bulloch County is a prime example ... of how intelligence and education don't go hand in hand. ... Whoever was responsible for lettin' the kids go to school in this weather ... should be fired. ... Ther ... there was ... ample opportunity ... to cancel ... schools and I don't know if it was laziness ... or whatever the decision was based on ... but ... kids were put in jeopardy ... and evidently whoever sen ... made the call could care less.

How ignorant could our board of education be to allow our children to have to be exposed to today's weather conditions?

... I'm callin' to question the superintendent's decision to ... have school when they're ... are severe weather warnings ... when every other school district has closed. ... We're placin' the lives of our children at risk and ... the safety of the teachers and everyone that's involved ... because of ... someone's decision and their ... opinions based ... on somethin' that goes on in Alaska. You hafta consider the context.

... It took ultra-liberal MSNBC News only a couple of hours to blame Sarah Palin and other law-abiding gun owners for the murders of innocent people by an idiot in Arizona. ... CNN followed a few hours later. ... No wonder their TV ratings are so low.

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