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January 12 - I would like to warn everybody to watch out for that guy drivin' the yellow Dodge tru
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  I would like to warn everybody to watch out for that guy drivin' the yellow Dodge truck that puts on roofs. ... His roofs leak and he will not come back and repair them.

... I think Councilman Chance ... has just scratched the surface ... of inappropriate business relationships amongst the city directors in the city government. ... And I hope that he continues to ... stand up for the common man. And I hope that he uncovers the corruption ... that's goin' on ... up there at city hall.

I, too, am appalled at the way police ... cruisers, cars sit ... while the policeman's out of town ... or off duty. I watch one everyday.

A police car situation needs to be looked into. ... Does this city have financial problems?

I'm a taxpayer in Bulloch County and I'm havin' a hard time ... payin' my electric bill. But I'd like to know if there's a reason why the lights in the gym ... in the new gym in Portal ... have been left on 24/7. ... I ... know that I'm helpin' pay this ... electric bill ... and I would like to know why these lights ... are on 24/7, if there's a reason for it.

Alaska has its bridge to nowhere. The city of Statesboro has a $1.5 million ... sewer to nowhere. Someone get Sarah Palin down here and talk some sense into these brain surgeons we have on city council.

How can the city of Statesboro spend one and a half million dollars ... runnin' sewer ... for a developer that is a friend ... of a city employee or a business partner, but, yet, won't spend $80,000 ... to help the church? ... How is that right?

I think you're correct. We shouldn't call the health care reform bill Obamacare. We should call it ... the progressive ... health care reform bill. Or Obama Marxism. ... Take your pick.

"To all of you ... Blue Devil ... to all of you Delaware ... Blue Hen fans: look who smells like fried chicken now. ... And to all of the East Washington ... Eastern Washington State University ... Eagles, all I have to say is ... Go, Eagles!"

"For all you people selling wood, a cord of wood is four feet wide, four feet high and eight feet long. ... Y'all need to go back to the regular standards."


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