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February 9 - I am a parent of a child at Langston Chapel Middle School. My son will greatly miss
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I am a parent of a child at Langston Chapel Middle School. My son ... will greatly miss ... Principal ... the ... assistant principal ... Mizelle. He was not just a role model for the children, but someone that the children could talk to and look up to. ... He will be greatly missed at the school by parents ... by ... students and I'm sure by faculty and staff. We wish you everything in the world. We wish you all the luck. Thank you for ... being everything to our children.

So, let me see if I've got this right. Angela Davis comes to Georgia Southern and speaks about the legacy of Martin Luther King. ... Bill Ayers is gonna talk talk about academic freedom, but the callers to Soundoff want to deny them their First Amendment rights? ... Why do these callers hate the Constitution so much?

... Let's talk politics. ... It's amazin' how Obama has shot up in the polls. ... You know, he could be ... the greatest president we've ever had. Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Note the Thursday Statesboro Herald. Nathan Deal has made his first ... huge blunder as governor. Ridiculous! Hope I don't hafta regret my vote.

... The pearl ... the poorly-informed electorate has placed a governor in office whose fiscal knowledge is truly lacking except to enrich himself and his expanded administration. ... No, he will not raise taxes ... but he will reduce services drastically ... and especially punish middle-class persons in the state.

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