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February 9 - Can somebody please tell me what Newt Gingrich meant the other day when he said the
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... Can somebody please tell me what Newt Gingrich meant the other day ... when he said the United States should be about protectin' our religion? I didn't know that the United States had a state religion. ... I thought the Constitution ... guarantees the protection of all religions. This is very confusin' comin' from somebody ... who's runnin' for the highest office in the land. Thank you very much.

Suddenly, the press is so interested in how much money Romney has. Funny, I don't remember reading about the Kennedy's wealth when JFK was running for president. ... Oh, that's right. He was a Democrat, so it's okay.

Would the people dumping their trash and furniture ... on Leon Newsome Road ... please try the recyclin' center? ... It would work well.

... I was reading a recent article on the Statesboro ... Heritage Music Festival ... and, to my knowledge, I don't see a single ... local Statesboro band. ... In fact, I know many musicians here locally that are ... excellent. ... I know for one thing. I won't be attendin' because ... I don't see anyone ... from here locally. What's the point?

I totally agree with the other caller about those blue headlights. Everybody I talk to complains about bein' blinded by them at night. ... How ... how can those things possibly be legal?

The famous Mr. Bud once said, 'A taxpayer voting for Barack Obama ... is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.'

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