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February 8 - I wanna know how many millions of dollars does it take to live comfortably in the U
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I wanna know ... how many millions of dollars ... does it take to live comfortably in the United States. ... 'Cause it does not make any sense ... our rich are gettin' rich ... and the middle class are steady strugglin'. ... Somebody please give me a answer on that one.

This is in response to the comment on the Keystone pipeline. ... Even if the pipeline only created 6,800 jobs, they still have to eat. They still have to have a place to sleep. They still have to buy gas ... food, in et cetra, medical. ... So, it does create more jobs than just 6,800 or whatever you wanna call it. And Fox News never did say 200,000 jobs. They said ... 20,000 jobs. ... So, you need to get your facts straight and quit watchin' Chris Matthews. ... Or you're bein' spoon-fed by the Democratic Party. ... You'll be an ignorant ... person. ... That's all I have to say.

... With the retiring of Bruce Yawn ... and Snooky's both being an icon in our community ... I think it would be a great idea ... to name that whole piece of property ... Snooky's Corner ... for the new development. ... What's to be the drugstore and what other businesses they put there to make the location known as Snooky's Corner. ... I think that would be a great idea and ... we would still keep the name and ... memory alive.

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