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February 3 - ... I think that if we ... turn our face back t'ward God instead of turnin' our backs t
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... I think that if we ... turn our face back t'ward God instead of turnin' our backs t'wards Him and givin' Him the praise and the glory ... that He deserves, this will be a better country to stay in. And quit dependin' on President Obama. ... Hallelujah! Thank you.

... I was wonderin' ... if Georgia Southern was gonna be able to get ... Osama bin Laden to speak over there next.

With regard to the comment ... in the Friday, January 28th, Soundoff column regarding the shooting ... in Tucson, Arizona. ... This was not an act of terrorism. This had nothing to do with Muslims. This was a very sad act by a very emotionally-disturbed young man ... who was in deep trouble.

This is to all the Sarah Palin fans in Bulloch County. Hey, how 'bout tell Sarah to stop worrying about ... President Obama and start worrying about her own husband, Todd Palin?

I would like to know why the NAACP ... don't get together with out two black school board representatives ... and find out from our band leaders in Statesboro ... why they're not participatin' ... in Martin Luther King Day.

... I would like to inquire ... why the NAACP ... won't get together with they two black ... school board representatives ... and get together with the band leaders ... and find out why that ... they don't know ... not participate in the martin Luther King ... Day.

The Patriot Act is up for renewal. ... And if Congress passes it, they oughtta also ... strike ... 'Land of the free, home of the brave' from the National Anthem.

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