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February 27 - To the letter writer in Sunday's paper, the 20th, from Kingsland: you, along with othe
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To the letter writer in Sunday's paper, the 20th, from Kingsland: you, along with others, need to learn that God created ... one day as the Sabbath for all men. That's Saturday. Jews, Gentiles, blacks, whites ... all men! So there.

Bill Ayers personally never bombed anything. Adolf Hitler personally never gassed any Jews either.

I never remembered in July 1981 water dropping from 115 feet to 123 feet. How's that possible?

I was wondering if any thought has been given to a YMCA in Statesboro. I feel we definitely need one.

And another thing. ... Why spend money to come to someone's house ... for recycling when they prefer to recycle by throwin' their trash out on the side of the road? ... Just look around.

Democrats and union workers go hand in hand. They wont a handout.

I'm sorry that the Republicans are so ... smart that they didn't understand that appealing to the fringe element of people ... could get on their side to let Republicans in. Now, this same fringe ... TEA Party people are ... getting people shot and killed. ... Nice goin'.

Good mornin'. I'd like to thank you for the article about the Statesboro ... Blue Devils soccer in the paper this mornin'. That was very good. ... However, Slater did not make the game-winning goal for Statesboro High School boys. The Statesboro High School boys won 3 to 2. Slater plays on the Effingham County team, so he could not make the game-winning goal. Thank you for your correction. Have a great day. Bye-bye.

This is to the Glen Beck ... Soundoff critic. You can't call somebody a liar just because you don't like 'im. Please, if you can, just call in again ... and tell us ... one lie, only one lie that Glen Beck has told that you've heard. Can't do it, can ya?

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