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February 24 - I don't care what Bill Ayers and Angela Davis had to say. The simple fact that Georgia
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I don't care what Bill Ayers and Angela Davis had to say. The simple fact that Georgia Southern chooses to promote these Communists and radicals ... and support them financially seriously sickens me. Then, the hypocrisy of claiming their right to free speech while assigning a small free-speech zone far away from the speaking venue for those who protest their coming is ridiculous, even for liberals.

I would love to know the book, chapter and verse of the Bible that designates Saturday as the Sabbath. ... I wasn't aware that the Calendar week had even been invented at the time of Creation.

... I remember when ... they bombed that ... day care center. Killed all them ... innocent babies. ... And then Bill Ayers say ... we need to kill more Americans. He ain't nuthin' but a communist ... draft-dodgin' traitor. ... And at least Glenn Beck talks about the Constitution ... and God, so ... think about that. ... And then you dummies ... pay him to listen to his BS.

Georgia Southern does not offer a Ph.D. in education. It offers a doctorate of education. ... Is a very significant difference between the two.

These liberal Democrats and the ... the newscast is ... are such satanists. ... They talk 'bout the economy's growin', it's growin', it's growin'! ... But then they second sentence they say ... but employment's do ... up 4.2 percent! ... Where' these people come from? They from Mars or Venus or U ... Uranus? ... They're from somewhere!

If you drive in Statesboro, you have surely seen the small white buses ... with ... Coastal Regional Coaches on the sides. Three dollars for each county line crossed. I ride with them every six weeks to see a specialist in Savannah. ... Do a little research, madam!

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