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February 23 - This message is for our fine county deputies for Bulloch County. I think it's pret
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... This message is for our fine county deputies ... for Bulloch County. I think it's pretty sad ... you pass a person walkin' ... in 20-degree weather ... after midnight ... and ... two deputies drive by and don't even stop to try to check on a person. Think that's pretty sad.

You wanna fix the country? Start treating your cell phones like ... you ought to. ... Treat your Bibles like your cell phones. Put your cell phones away. ... Carry your Bibles with you. Look at 'em several times a day. ... No dropped calls. No disconnects. Jesus paid the price. It'll fix it.

... I was behind a green pickup truck with firefighter decals on the back window. This guy was smoking a cigarette and when he finished, he just threw the butt out the window. ... I guess he might have been trying to drum up some business. ... Please, people ... use your ashtray!

I guess all those conservative principles are paying off for the residents of Georgia. ... According to Jan Moore's column, we are ranked 50th for the financial security our citizens. ... What else can you expect ... when you don't value education ... deny opportunities to people because of gender or race, refuse to let go of the past ... deny science and depend on prayer to solve problems instead of using the brain God gave you? ... Go, Georgia!

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