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February 22 - I am so glad to know that United Methodist Church ... is plannin' ... a mission for ho
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I am so glad to know that United Methodist Church ... is plannin' ... a mission for homeless peoples. I know that Statesboro do not have a homeless shelter. I know that they have three in Savannah and we do have homeless peoples here in Statesboro. Thanks, Statesboro.

Every business owner, especially restaurant owners, should read Ken Kellers' article ... 'Brain food for business owners' in the 'Boro paper ... dated Tuesday, February the 17th. Great information that will help business owners become successful.

On Tuesday, February the 15th ... the Statesboro Herald says, 'Georgia faces illegal immigration dilemma.' In the story ... it says ... that Jack Murphy, Republican senator from Kingsland said, ... that he wanted to restrict the number of illegal immigrants tryin' to work in Georgia. What is he thinkin'? ... He sounds like a lawyer for the illegal immigrants. Get 'em outta here! They're illegal! Put 'em in jail! Send 'em home! Do somethin' with 'em, but ... take 'em outta our work force.

The Democrats and Obama care don't wanna pay for Americans who are obese, but you don't mind payin' for illegal immigrants. You can support 'em. You pay their health bills. You feed 'em. You clothe 'em. ... You do everything for them, so why would you not wanna do that for Americans?

This is to the idiot ... that said that the sabbath is on Saturday. ... Everyone knows that the Sabbath is on Saturday. ... But would you rather be sober Saturday ... yet drunk Sunday and go to work Monday with a hangover? ... Over. Amen!

... Wonder why the Herald keeps printin' these people over and over - and you know it's the same people - 'bout ... complainin' about B. Air ... Bill Ayers bein' at the ... university. ... It was an interesting talk and if they hadda came, they may have learned something. ... He personally never bombed anything. ... Also, for the person who's complainin' about Black History Month. ... White History Month ... runs from March through January. So, there's your White History Month.

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