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February 2 - Anyone in this country has the legal right to be wrong. ... So long they don't hurt oth
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Anyone in this country has the legal right to be wrong. ... So long they don't hurt others. ... But really wrong. ... Bombing and killing fellow citizens. ... In the USA, the only place that historically tolerates these terrorists ... is the university environment ... where they are rewarded and celebrated. ... Go Google Bill Ayers.

Shame, shame ... on Georgia Southern University for inviting radicals like Bill Ayers and Angela Davis to speak to our students. ... Where are we going?

What's goin' on at Georgia Southern University that they're inviting ... a former member of the ... radical group Weather Underground like Bill Ayers ... to speak at our college ... with my kids goin' there? ... What is he gonna talk about? Overthrowin' the government again?

I'm glad that the Herald is ... least let us know when we have anti-Americans or Communists come to our ... schools. It's a ... it's a shame that we don't have more ... people that come over to the school that love America and will talk ... for Americans and not ... hate America and talkin' against America.

Whoever is asking Bill Ayers and Angela Davis to speak to GSU students, needs to be held accountable. GSU leaders, where are you on this issue? Thank you, Statesboro Herald, for keepin' us aware of what's goin' on.

Got some people ... hangin' 'round my house over here on Morris Street. ... Just at the time they know I'm goin' to work. ... I'mma get somebody for criminal trespassin'. I done told ya. I don't go to other people house. I don't won't other people comin' to mine. ... Keep on. Keep on hangin' 'round my house. ... Get some warrants on ya ... for criminal trespass.

... What is up with this ol' rich guy ... that's runnin' the city now? ... He uses the word um more than my little sister uses the word like. ... You know, it looks like ... this place would dry up and blow away if it wasn't for Georgia Southern. ... Why don't we let Georgia Southern run the city for a while and see how they can do?

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