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February 14 - Seems to me when times get bad, the weeds begin to grow.
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Seems to me ... when times get bad, the weeds begin to grow.

When you litter with your old lottery ticket, you jinx your chances for winning next time.

I will be very happy ... when the loggin' operation ... is through at Williams Landing. ... They've been there since right after Christmas. ... The poor river. Thank you.

Yeah, the dances were great on the Super Bowl show ... halftime show. ... Not that I can say that for Madonna. ... All it was was a bunch of dances. Thank you.

If anybody heard ... Clint Eastwood's ... message at halftime ... I vote Clint Eastwood for president 'cause God bless America and Clint Eastwood.

Only in Bulloch County ... can you ask to have your dirt road paved and end up with a two-mile long 12-foot wide paved bike path.

... I want a deputy to ride Club Road ... stop in front of the old Club Pond buildin'... look in the trash can. Somebody has taken ... some ... trash from some school ... and placed it in the trash can there. I guess they're tryin' to say we havin' school back there now ... without permission. Just tell a deputy to ride through there and look at that bag of trash that's in the trash ... can that's sittin out front. ... Send this one straight to the sheriff department.

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