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February 12 - I just wanna know why we have so many people in Haiti that is tryin' to kidnap
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I just wanna know why we have so many … people … in … Haiti that is tryin' to kidnap … the Haitian kids and to bring them back to America when we have so many American kids over here that is starvin' and is tryin' to find homes already?

I was reading today about the stiffer laws or … for illegal massage pal … parlors. … I think we could use a illegal massage parlor here in Statesboro.

… This is relayin' to the message in Saturday, the 70-year-old man don't chew tobacco or … or smoke … or … or eat cotton. Yeah, he don't, but the farmers don't care whether they're Democrat or … Republicans. All they wa … do … care 'bout's whether their crop comes in. And they don't really care about that long as they can get their insurance to pay it off. So, they don't care about litterin' up the roads or nuthin' or stoppin' up traffic.

… The Bulloch County citizens … needs to voice their concerns about Highway 301 North. It is terrible. Pot holes are everywhere. … The county commissioners needs to address this issue immediately … because we need to know where we can send our bill to get our cars repaired. This how bad it is. … So … if you want to … address this issue, please contact your local newspaper or your commissioner. Thank you.

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