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February 10 - To the person called in sayin' that the shootin' in Arizona was just a isolated a
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

… To the person called in sayin' that the shootin' in Arizona was just a … isolated accident by some nut case. … I just … I just wanna say just imagine what if … if he'd a been a Muslim. … They would had him and his family … everybody that he ever knew and associate with in Guantanamo Bay.

… I just wanted to say that … I've been by the East Georgia Regional hospital there in Bulloch County and noticed that everything looks really clean outside, the sidewalks and the walkways and the entrances, especially at the ER entrance. It's really nice and clean. I don't know who's doin'; the … cleanin' of the sidewalks and things, but it's … they're doin' a great job and it looks wonderful … and I thank 'em for … for doin' this for our hospital. Thank you very much.

If the leadership at Georgia Southern are gonna be inviting people like Ayers and Davis to speak to our students, then don't bother sendin' anybody else around to me … askin' for donations of money to support the school. I will not do it anymore. … Someone needs to be held accountable and responsible for these actions. It's a shame.

Concerning anti-American terrorist William Ayers speakin' at Georgia Southern, we're very, very much against it. However, the bigger concern: what kind of staff do we have at Georgia Southern that teaches our kids daily that would even want him here? That's what's really scary.

This … this is a message for the people that … call complainin' about Bill Ayers speakin' at the college. … I'd rather have Bill Ayers speak at the college than to have somebody like … Glenn Beck. Thank you very much.

… Out in the Clito area … 'round R.L. Lee Road … and Shuman Road. … I don't how them po' people is gettin' from out there, but I tried goin' in … there both entrance … and it is just so muddy. Them ol' po' people gon' get stuck out there and it's just gon' be … devastatin' that they can't even get out from there walkin', let along in a car. … You should send the road commissioners out here.

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