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February 1 - According to the National Rifle Association, there are other countries are tryin'
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According to the National Rifle Association, there are other countries are tryin' challenge our Constitution and take away our rights to keep and bear arms. ... But my theory is ... other counties wanna do this so they can attack us. ... Or people can protect their own homes, you know, and I think everybody ought to have a ... have a weapon in the home ... protect their home with. Of course, keep out of the reach of children and away from children. ... But then when ... the child gets old enough, he needs to be trained how to use it ... so he can grow up and ... protect his own home ... him or her.

... Callin' in regards of Billy Mikell Road. Road needs to be scraped. Dirt roads look a mess. ... If not scraped, will tear someone's car up. ... So it needs to be taken care of.

Time is of the essence ... fellow ... citizens ... taxpayers. ... Truly noted. ... And here's ... Angela Davis. Georgia Southern. Higher education. ... Maybe we need to rethink education. Maybe people just need to go to work."

Great job by CY and his young pups Wednesday night. I don't know if CY watched ... the Notre Dame ... Pitt game or not, but that was how ... a slowed-down offense should be played. Great job. And a great job of listening and doing what your coach tells you to do. Great job. Now the proof will be if we can do the same thing ... against Davidson Monday night. I think the team feels they can. ... And Eagle Nation knows you can. ... Go, Eagles!

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