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December 24 - This is December the 22nd. Im callin to congratulate the Georgia Southern football
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This is December the 22nd. I'm callin' to congratulate ... the Georgia Southern football Eagles. We're so proud of y'all. We hope to see y'all better ... next year.

Hope your Christmas is merry and bright. Hope your Long Johns fit all snug and tight. Hope you get lots of silver, gold and brass. Hope all that Christmas food doesn't give you gas.

On the ribbon cuttings you feature in the newspaper, thank you for adding the addresses. Now, please add the telephone numbers and a one ... sentence ... description of the type of business that is being opened. That would be helpful.

I'm color-blind and I'll pay you a pose ... Obama. ... I oppose Obama because he is anti-American. He hates America. He does everything he can to destroy ... our ... freedom. He is absolutely a ... a communist ... or has ... complete Communist ways. ... have a nice Christmas.

This is for the person with ... poor reading comprehension. There was no report of a drug bust at the high school. ... Read it again.

I'm responding to the person that was talkin' about racists in the ... call into Soundoff. ... Most Republicans are racist. ... But the sure way ... the sure-fire way to ... tell a racist ... he will wear white socks and dip snuff. ... All of 'em are.

Every member of the Delaware football team wore cold-weather football gloves. Our great team should've been supplied with such gloves as well ... because super-cold hands ... find it difficult to hold a super-cold football.

I'm so glad to see those caution lights on ... Highway 80 and Burkhalter. Thank you very much.

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