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December 19 - For two years we've been told that everyone who opposed Obama was racist. Does that no
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For two years we've been told that everyone who opposed Obama was racist. Does that now mean that since the Democratic leadership is opposing Obama, that they are racist?

Well, I'm glad that some judge finally declared that orderin' people to have health care and purchasin' it was unconstitutional. I mean, if it was up to Obama he would probably order us ... to buy a General Motors car ... because ... he and the government own it. ... You know, Government Motors ... General Motors? ... What a ridiculous ... statement.

It's amazing that every time someone tries to make a law ... stopping lobbyists from bribing politicians ... that it gets shot down.

I am so tired ... of listenin' to ... the CAA talk about how good their conference is. I just read in the Herald ... how the Delaware coach is so sorry ... that he has to play two CAA teams ... in the ... finals. Lemme tell ya somethin', coach: you better be sorry ... that you gotta play Georgia Southern. ... And one more thing ... come Saturday, don't forget to bring your hard hat ... because you're gonna need it.

    I just wanna thank ... Georgia Southern's football team and coaches for a great year so far. ... One thing I'm truly grateful for that ... Georgia Southern finally has a defense that can ... stand up with the best of 'em. ... Thanks again.

Bad boys, bad boys! Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ... What idiot ... would take ... items out of a house ... and pawn it five miles from where they stole it? We know who you are and you can run, but you can't hide. ... They comin' for ya. Have a good day.

The ACLU is trying to take Christ out of Christmas. ... Please send them a Merry ... Christmas card at 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, New York 10004.

I don't live between Paradise Estates and the caution light, but the Portal police could sit in my yard and write tickets left and right all day long.

Good article, Holli, on the ... 'Tis the reason to be careful.. We know, but we for ... forget. Thanks so much for reminding. It is so true and we do have to be careful. Merry Christmas.

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