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Dec. 30 -- "Well, listen up. I see George Bush and Dick Cheney's messin' with the gas prices ...
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call 912-489-3733.


"Well, listen up. … I see George Bush … and Dick Cheney's messin' with the gas prices again. … Will they ever stop? … The TEA Party might have somethin' to do with it, too. Thank you very much. Have a very nice day."


"The reasons subdivisions have restrictions about dogs running lose is … is because people could hurt themselves … other people and the animals. If you're a responsible pet owner, you need to keep your animals in your yard!"


"The modern-day 21st … century woman is nothin' but a prostitute … a hooker, a Jezebel. I see it ev'ry day. See a woman livin' with a guy that's a drunk, a drug addict … and find out that she's livin' with 'im for the money. … That makes her nothin' more than … women of America today is nuthin' more than prostitutes. They're sellin' out their soul … their body for money. That makes 'em prostitutes."


"Each year, we give to the … Statesboro carrier, regular carrier, a nice cash gift. … And this year we had one request. … In the card — that they did pick up — that they call back and let us know they got it. And we wanted, of course, to make sure they got it. But we have not heard anything … and we left our phone number in the little … Christmas card. Thank you very much."


"I know this probably won't reach print because the Statesboro Herald made a mistake. The fire in Brooklet, the McElveen fire, the chief of police was not the first one on the scene. The mayor of Brooklet was the first one on the scene and then Steve Vizo, the first responder. The chief of police couldn't be found for 20 or 30 minutes."


"Thanks to the writer to the … Letter to the Editor in need for real separation between church and state. Your letter was so well thought out and well-written. You restored my hope there are still persons who are educated, read, think, know and stand. The truths you stated are absolute. Thank you."


"Please print. Whoever called in … and said that … ammonium hydroxide would get … rid of creatures in your bedroom … if you put it in your wash, please call back in and tell … where you got … bought it at and where you get it at. … Thank you."

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