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August 9 - The 100 senators 435 congressmen and women, one president and nine Supreme Court justic
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

The 100 senators ... 435 congressmen and women, one president and nine Supreme Court justices ... equal 545 people out of 300 million ... U.S. citizens. ... We have elected them to be directly, legally and morally responsible for the well-being of this country. And they have collectively abused their power. Both parties blame the other. Neither accept any responsibility. ... It is inconceivable to me that a nation of 300 million cannot replace 545 incompetent and irresponsible leaders ... that we hired with our vote. Perhaps it is time we fired the whole lot.

The ... the July 29th issue of The Week magazine states that Obama has raised $86 million towards his campaign for reelection. ... That is $53 million more than the entire field of Republican candidates have collectively raised. We, the people, had better ask where ... the contributions to Obama's campaign are coming from. ... I suspect we may not be happy with the answer.

You know what must be nice? I'll tell you what's nice. To come to this country ... and buy up all the convenience stores and not be charged any taxes for seven years. Come to Walmart, sell everything ... buy everything at Walmart that you sell in the store ... triple the price ... and drive a Lexus. And every body in your family drives a Lexus. What is wrong with this picture? Come on, government! Get off your duh! Do your job!... The people in America are hurting ... and these people are comin' and gettin' every damn thing we have! Have a good day!

The city park idea ... should be evaluated by citizens who are being gouged with taxes. We cannot afford to shop downtown ... or support anything else. ... My ... subdivision was added to the city several years ago. Still, no city services exist out here. I'm struggling ... and so are ... is every other citizen to pay taxes. Think again! Use our money ... to help ... all, not a few select.

This is for the person that keep callin' in about an experienced city manager. Well, let me say. ... Frank Parker is the best city manager we had since George Woods left. The ones in between weren't worth a damn. ... And I don't figure out who's makin' this call. ... But I mean what I say. Frank Parker is the best city manager we had ... since George Woods left. The ones in between ... were not worth a damn. ... It's not hard to figure out who is makin' this call. Bye!

I'm callin' about the article that was in the Statesboro Herald ... on Friday, July the 29th, about a captain in the Statesboro Police Department ... that was informin' the drug dealers ... about raids ... and what does the ... police department do? ... They let him resign ... and ... not got ... he should've been arrested and prosecuted for interferin' with the justice. ... Wonder how many more policemens are doin' the same thing.

The men and women serving in Congress ... need to repeal some of their ... outlandish benefits to show good will to their constituents. They continuously want to ... take benefits from those they supposedly serve, but not from themselves. This is simply unfair.

Hello, Bulloch County taxpayers. ... What do you think about our taxes funding all these new schools? ... And the students don't even have enough textbooks to go around. ... Teachers havin' to photocopy pages out of the books. ... Shameful. ... Oh, well, Statesboro High is beautiful. How 'bout it, school board?

Everybody is complainin' about ... King America killin' the fish in the Ogeechee River. ... They need to ... think about the employees at King America. We don't have any air conditioner ... and it's hot as blankety-blank. ... And ... they're tryin' to kill us 'cause there's no ... air in there. And we have illegal immigrants workin' in there. ... So, if they wanna complain, complain about the illegal ... immigrants and the heat. ... Don't complain about the fish.

In Sunday's edition of the Statesboro Herald, below the ... picture of Bulloch County Schools open Monday, your caption has ... an individual poring over her schedule. You misspelled that. You spelled it p-o-u-r, as in to pour a liquid. ... It's p-o-r-e ... and I've noticed there are common mistakes like this in the paper and it's too bad because it really ... speaks volumes of our paper in this town ... when you guys make small mistakes like that. You really need to edit a lot closer. Thanks. Bye.

Hello. I'm a member of Statesboro's First Baptist Church. ... I love our church and our pastor. ... I don't know who to turn to or if anyone feels the way I do ... but I find it appallin' the way our young girls are dressing. ... And when a young girl looks like they're ... looks like a high-priced call girl gets up to sing 'Amazing Grace,' she certainly is living under grace. ... It seems that the entire congregation was embarrassed, but didn't know how to react. Please, church leaders, make a stand for morality.

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