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August 8 - "I think I'll vote Democrat in November because ... I believe oil companies' profits of
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I think I'll vote Democrat in November because ... I believe oil companies' profits of 4 percent on a gallon of gas are obscene. ... But the government taxin' the same gallon of gas at 15 percent is not.

Can anybody tell me where there's a fillin' station that ... sells pure gasoline with no ethanol? ... Small engines don't run well on ... gasoline with ethanol in it. Thanks.

While reading the last call on Wednesday, July the 18th ... about all those folks that loved Obama ... and all the people in Colorado losing their homes ... the National Guard ... while he wait 'til the last day ... I was reminded of all the billions of taxpayer dollars ... we wasted on free state education.

Mitt Romney hides his money in off-shore banks, out-sources American jobs to China and Burma, pays minimal taxes ... and self-deported himself to France to avoid the draft. ... Yep ... he certainly isn't one of us.

Just remember. Superintendents are not in classrooms teaching. They are ... running our system. ... And think about this. Did our last superintendent, who was an educator, benefit our community?

I'm really disappointed in my president. ... Jobs are supposed to be his priority. ... Yet, he has not met one time in the last six months with his jobs council. ... But he's been to 89 fundraisers. ... And he's out-sourced over 100,000 ... jobs to foreign countries. What is this all about?

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