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August 7 - "This is for the man ... in ... on Fair Road ... on Monday evening about 5:15 who was blo
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This is for the man ... in ... on Fair Road ... on Monday evening about 5:15 who was blocking the entrance ... so that I couldn't get out of work while he was sitting there in traffic texting and didn't notice ... that the traffic had started moving. ... When I ... beeped my horn at you, I thought you were an idiot for sitting there, but when you started ... giving me the finger, I knew you were an idiot.

The cost of keeping Congress open a single day: $30 million. ... The number of times the House GOP voted to repeal health care: 33. The number of times health care actually appealed: zero. ... Yes, folks, this is your tax dollars at work, compliments of your corporate TEA party.

Sometime back, Rush Limbaugh got into trouble over his drug addiction. ... Viagra were found in his drug cache. ... It was all over the news. ... This is where Gene Lyons got his information. ... Just proves what I already knew. ... Limbaugh is impotent.

This is concerning Gene Lyons' allegations about Rush Limbaugh and Viagra. Twice, Mr. Limbaugh ... was detained at airports when Viagra and other drugs not prescribed to him were found in his possession. ... A case in 2006, in which over 2,000 painkillers, also not prescribed to him, were found in his home ended ... when it was settled out of court.

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