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August 4 - Have you ever noticed that when Barack can't completely blame his failures on someone els
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Have you ever noticed that when Barack can't completely blame his failures on someone else ... G.W. Bush, et cetera, et cetera ... there seems to be enough blame to go around? ... Come to think of it, all liberals pull that one.

I love Romney care. I love Romney care! I love Romney care! ... Oops! Now they call it Obama care. Why am I supposed to hate it now?

Apparently, nobody of importance ever goes down West Parrish. ... Because if you drive down that street, it'll tear your car all to pieces. It's not even just worn. It's like a bald-out flat tire. ... Somebody really needs to give them people some help.

I just wanna say a few words to you people out there that's got them good jobs. ... You sure had better watch out. ... You keep 'em hid from Mitt ... Mitt Romney ... and don't let him get ahold of 'em because he will out-source 'em. He will send 'em to Singapore ... and China ... and India. He loves them countries over there. ... Thank you very much. Have a nice day.

After Romney showed his tax returns to McCain in 2008, he chose Palin instead. ... Boy, whatever there is in those tax returns got to be really, really bad.

Obama likes to say 4.3 million private sector jobs ... have been created in the past 27 months. ... This is misleading or a lie. ... What happened to the other months, as he has been on the job for 42 months? ... The fact is there are 1.3 million fewer people working today than in 2008. ... In the same period ... 3.6 million have been added to the Social Security disability insurance. Thank you.

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