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August 31 - Since Dr. Keel thinks athletics are more important than academics ... why doesnt he com
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Since Dr. Keel thinks athletics are more important than academics ... why doesn't he combine the office of president and athletic director? ... It won't help reaccreditation, but at least it will save GSU a few dollars ... and end some of the hypocrisy.

This is in response to King Finishing being able to ... dump pollution ... into the Ogeechee River ... to kill fish ... other wild animals that drank from there. ... Why don't they drudge that sign back sayin' that it is okay until 2017? Just go ahead and let them pollute our drinkin' water. ... It'll kill us faster than not havin' food to eat.

Paul Ryan was your typical do-nothing Republican congressman. He authored only two irrelevant bills that passed in congress in 13 years ... and was rarely seen in his district. ... He is viewed in Wisconsin as Dick Cheney with very good hair. ... It's no wonder FOX News and the oil companies love him.

... I'd like to know if the people who ... got arrested ... several years ago for runnin' the ... chop shop, stealing automobiles ... were they ever prosecuted and ... served ... jail time?

... I am not gay ... and don't support same-sex marriage. ... But I know being gay is not the only sin. ... Sex outside of wedlock is a sin. ... Lying, stealing, gossipin', jealousy, cheating ... all are sin. ... No one sin is greater than another one. ... Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. ... And the rest of you pray for our society.

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