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August 3 - ... According to Barack Obama ... if you are successful in your business ... it is not, a
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... According to Barack Obama ... if you are successful in your business ... it is not, and I repeat, it is not because you are smart ... or work long hard hours. It is because of the people that came before you and helped you along your way to success. ... Because of your success, you should give back to society ... and support the people that are not motivated to study hard in school ... and work 60 to 75 hours a week to be successful. ... On the contrary, you should work even harder knowing that someone second-rate ... sitting on the porch ... or maybe goin' fishing is depending on your tax dollars. ... Thank you.

Repealing O ... 'bama care would explode the deficit by 100 billion over 10 years. Thirty million Americans will no longer have insurance ... and eliminate preventative care for more than 20 million women. ... Is this the best America can do? The richest nation on earth?

The company that ... published both of Barack Obama's books, his campaign plannin', Michelle's new book, are all owned by a German company. ... Gosh, I thought Mitt Romney was out-sourcin'. Seems like the president is, but he just blame it on somebody else as he normally does. ... Bye!

... I think I'll vote Democrat in November ... because I'm not concerned about millions of babies bein' aborted ... so long as we keep all death-row inmates alive.

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