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August 29 - It's a shame that ... the younger group ... the gangs ... so-called gangs ... have taken
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It's a shame that ... the younger group ... the gangs ... so-called gangs ... have taken over Johnson Street and Dunlap. Now the older people that have lived there for years and years ... tryin' to find somewhere else to go. Why can't they go? ... The PD ride through everyday. They know who they are. They must be scared of them, too. ... I wonder why.

Wanna hear something funny? ... The president, who has the ... endorsement of Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter and Hugo Chavez ... has the audacity ... to call someone radical. And the little DNC woman ... calls the opposition extreme. Go figure! P.S.: the left-wing idealogs are callin' Paul Ryan ... a right-wing idealog. What a hoot.

After reading Mr. Tucker's letter to the editor concerning Dr. Keel and GSU ... two things are apparent. ... Mr. Tucker must be both a Democrat ... and an ardent UGA supporter. A Democrat because he's lying about the Eagles not winning a national championship since Erk was coach ... or that Paulson Stadium struggles to fill to one-half capacity. ... He's an UGA fan because he applauds the SEC for its huge fan base, of which everyone is aware. ... He, like many other pseudo-Southern supporters only pull for GSU when Erk, from UGA, was on our sidelines. ... NO doubt that was the last time he attended.

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