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August 28 - "Ogeechee River citizens should be less concerned and sniffin' out rotten fish ... and m
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Ogeechee River citizens should be less concerned and sniffin' out rotten fish ... and more concerned in sniffin' out rotten politicians ... who are connected to King America. ... They pull EPD strings. ... Find them, fire them in November ... and problem solved. ... Then, Georgians, ask yourselves, if all EPD does is cater to lobbyists' whims, do we really need them?

Apparently, all higher officials are involved in the check scam. ... Why won't these ... women's and means that's taking' money ... from the guv'ment get locked up? What's the problem?

They say it was a shootin' on the back road behind Dunlap Street. ... Why won't someone go back there ... and ... just pick everybody up that's sittin' out playin' cards, gamblin', sellin' drugs ... and take 'em to jail? ... Somebody's gonna get hurt.

When a person work hard and still be broke ... and then can look around and see these young womens drivin' these fancy cars and ... nice clothes and all ... and not payin' any rent ... who fault it is? The guv'ment? ... It is. ... Especially when they doin' illegal activity ... and the guv'ment know about it. So, that's why no one wants to vote. ... Why vote for the guv'ment that gon' continue to allow this stuff to happen?

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