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August 27 - Hang on to your hat. Here comes another one. We've all heard about the new buses for the
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Hang on to your hat. Here comes another one. We've all heard about the new buses for the president ... which cost ... approximately $1.5 million each. And that is not all. ... There are at least four builders of this type of bus in the United States. So where were these buses purchased? ... Canada, no less. ... Good day and have a wonderful day. Bye.

After Nixon got the boot, Ford was made president. Someone made the remark that we needed a Lincoln, but we got a Ford. ... Seems to me we sure could ... use a Lincoln now instead of the jalopy that we have.

I keep hearing from politicians and certain ethnic groups ... that the president and others are not looking out for them. ... Not helping them ... like they promised. ... I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer ... but it seems to me, if they looked out for and helped all - and I mean all Americans - that would take care of all groups. We wouldn't need special treatment for special groups.

Hey, whoever complained about a 45 mile an hour speed limit on Jerry Jones ... that's as slow as you can go. ... That's what it is on ... Fair Road. It's 35 and if you go 35, you get run over. Thirty-five, 45, that means that's as slow as you can go. Don't go 45 on Jerry Jones ... Jerry Hall. ... Go ... over 45. That's what the speed limit sign mean.

Somebody must've donated that yeller paint ... for the fairground buildins. They are definitely a boost to your eyeballs. Good Lord! Tone it down!

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