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August 26 - "We are neighbors. We both have dogs. I don't let my dog out to poop in your yard and
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

We are neighbors. We both have dogs. I don't let my dog out to poop in your yard and I'd 'preciate if you would do the same. Thank you.

It's a shame when law enforcement tells you to get involved ... and then when you do ... they ignore the tip. Case in point: the lady arrested at Walmart for drugs and shoplifting. ... They had been told about the neighborhood ... but nobody investigated.

I was just wonderin' why ... it's allowed that a Rincon ... police car can fly up and down Highway 80 ... passin' ... all those buses ... goin' to the ... Southeast Bulloch ... school maybe ... when they got the kid in the car with 'em. What ... how come this is happenin'? What's ... this is Bulloch County, not Effingham County. And it's a cop at that with a child in the car.

You know, I'm ashamed of Bulloch County. ... Terribly ashame! My granddaughter went to school ... for 12 years, graduated top of her class for 12 years. Went to college four years. ... And graduated top of her class and she cannot get a teachin' job in Bulloch County! I am so ashamed of our school system! Even of the ... the whole ... Bulloch County! Have a great day!

This is for the person ... that made the comment on Wednesday, the 17th ... or ... it was in the paper on ... that day about the Hopeulikit Community bed sheets. ... That was not bed sheets. It was Pe ... plastic Pepsi® signs turned around backwards. Thank you very much.

Matthew 7:1: 'Judge not that ye be not judged.' We are parents that talk to our child not to let anyone touch ... in inappropriate places and talk to our child not to touch other children ... in inappropriate places. Why does everyone judge ... jump to judgment ... that the 13-year-old is guilty? Just because in other cases the person is found guilty, doesn't mean that all are guilty when charged. ... Innocent until proven guilty. And sometimes when found guilty they are still innocent.

Last week, the road crews came out and brought dirt to build up ... the shoulders of the road ... out here by the old Southern Links Golf Course. ... Of course, they didn't put down straw or grass seed. So, now, with these rains, all we have is a bunch of lillies on the side of the road, which is more dangerous than it was before. ... Which means that next year they'll be back out here again doin' the same thing. ... Just like they did last year. ... This is a waste of our money.

Is Obamacare a joke. ... He apparently does not care. He's out in the Midwest on his big black bus that was built in Canada ... Ottawa, Canada. But, yet, he's tellin' the Midwesterns we gotta have more U.S. jobs. Hey, where does the buck stop? Does the right hand know what the left hand is doin'? ... Apparently not. ... Maybe it's Obama-no-care.

This society is so screwed up. Our government allows foreigners to come here to live. But why is it all of them learn to speak our language except Mexicans? ... No, instead ... we're in this Great Depression ... and the government still thinks it's appropriate for us legal citizens to use our tax money to pay for foreign language classes for our children. ... On top of it all, as hard as it is ... for the families here to get help such as food stamps. Yet, foreigners don't have to pay any taxes and are qualified for EBT as soon as they walk through the health depar ... department doors. Really? What message are you trying to send to our kids? We are all equals. So why not everyone get treated equally?

I'm callin' in reference to the person that chose to use Helen Keller ... as an example ... from ... to using colors for the fairgrounds. It is not nice to choose or actually judge a person ... who had a challenge.

Dear Southeast Bulloch High. Please get rid of the A and B schedule. It's hard. ... More homework and it's tough. Please go back to normal block schedule. Thank you.

Once again today ... after following this vehicle again ... the second time this week ... and about the ninth time since school started ... I am following a cop car that is zipping in and out of traffic, around buses ... in oncoming traffic, taking a child to school. Best part of it is ... he is running past the speed limit and he's comin' from another county. ... Rincon, Georgia! ... Why can't somebody do sumthin' about this? I know the taxpayers ... of Effingham County do not appreciate what is going on in their vehicles.

I hope I live long enough to see the officials at city hall enforce the Statesboro code about garbage cans by the curve. ... There is supposed to be a $10 a day fine for every day that you leave it out by the ... curve. There is not anything more unattractive than garbage cans down ... two weeks ... three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, especially Savannah Avenue, Donehoo and ... West Jones.

Last night I left First Baptist Church ... after service on Wednesday night. We have a dinner there. ... Getting into my truck, I noticed ... somebody had thrown ... two Styrofoam® cups in the back of my truck. ... My statement is this: my truck's not a public ... trash Dumpster® ... and ... everything that gets thrown in the back of a pickup gets blown out. ... If ... I didn't realize we had rednecks attending First Baptist. ... Goodbye.

I agree with the caller who called in about Jerry Hall Road ... and the speed limit bein' 45. I mean, with as many ... blind curves and the hills and as many people that have children and pets ... the speed limit should be more like ... 35. ... And also now that it's paved, I certainly hope ... that the Bulloch County Sheriff's Department will patrol this area ... more vigorously ... because there is a lot more speeding going on on this road ... that needs to be given more attention.

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