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August 24 - How do you live in a Habitat house and drive expensive vehicles? The same way you re
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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald. To leave your message of 30 seconds or less, call (912) 489-3733.

How do you live in a Habitat ... house and drive expensive vehicles? ... The same way you receive food stamps, welfare and other freebies ... and drive a Cadillac. ... Good-bye!

I think it's a shame that pe ... clients have to go to Claxton to get a dentist to pull they teeth and it's ... and they on Medicare and Medicaid and have worked hard all their life. ... I just think it's a shame. ... With as many dentistses ... dentists as we have in Statesboro. ... I think it's a shame. And doctors. Same way. ... I know they had to go to school and get the education. They had to pay for it. ... But at least they could, one of 'em, could take Medicare and Medicaid patients. ... Thank you. That's all I gotta say about it. I just think it's a shame and I hope they can sleep good at night. Good-bye!

Bulloch County students already have a dress code. And that is dress like clowns, homeless people and prostitutes.

I have to chuckle ... when I read the complaints from parents who have to wait in long lines to pick up or drop off their children at various local schools. ... These are enabling parents of spoiled kids. ... Your God gave you legs and school buses to solve this dilemma. Try using them.

Is there a dentist in Statesboro that takes Medicare or Medicaid? ... If there is, will somebody ... please let us know? Thank you.

The TEA Party could garner more public respect ... if they back more viable people. ... Rather than fanatically evangelicals, prancing publicity seekers, reality show flakes or dead-heads in general. ... My old Tom Cat, Eddie, has a better chance of bein' president than these hacks.

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful neighbor. I'm a single woman and I ... do not have a riding lawn mower. ... And this man ... comes and mows my lawn weekly without bein' asked and I just really appreciate him and I want ... to thank him for bein' such a wonderful neighbor. Thanks, Neighbor!

Delete - Merge Up    As for the proposed downtown park, why don't they just go plate some benches there? Because I'm sure the citizens of Statesboro and Bulloch County would be pleased to pay ... extra taxes for this and all the other grand plans our leaders have. ... Our city and county leaders have absolutely no sense of timing. ... Wanting to start expensive projects during a terrible recession ... when people are suffering. They should be recalled from office.

... I just came down ... the Bunch Smith Road in Middleground. ... Middle ... let's ... Bernard Smith Road runs into ... Metts Road. ... Right there at that particular ... spot right there, the county has dumped ... mud, clay, that's turned into mud. Would you please, please fix ... this ... particular piece of road? Thank you.

I'm callin' in reference to ... 'bout the kids startin' to school and then the temperature in the hundreds ... in August. ... Why don't they go back ... to the system of startin' Tuesday after Labor Day and gettin' out in June ... on June the 6th? ... That way will also benefit ... the Splash in the Boro because durin' the month of August ... all they're open is on the weekends. We're losin' money in Bulloch County.

I was wondering if someone could tell me why ... William James is tellin' students that they don't hafta do any homework at home. ... They can do it at school. I thought that's what homework was ... to do it at home. ... They bring home no books. They do no homework. I don't understand it.

When a wireless company assured me by telephone that they wanted to give me a newer phone for $29 only to show their appreciation for my business, I wondered why it was necessary to record my acceptance. The recording stated that I was agreeing to a three-year contract. I told the bos to go to h--- and hung up.

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