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August 21 - "When President Obama first took office ... and he was the president of the Untied State
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When President Obama first took office ... and he was the president of the Untied States and the Senate ... and the House were fully Democrat majority. Could pass anything the wanted. ... And he had executive order. ... Why didn't he stop the funds goin' to the oil companies? ... I can tell you why he didn't. ... Because ... they gave him money and that's all he cares about is money, too. So, you can blame the TEA parties or blame whoever you want, but you need to put the blame ... on your president ... because he cares more about money than he does you. ... Bye.

Mitt Romney is having a hard time selecting a vice presidential running mate ... because he has never hired an American for a job before. ... A new experience for him.

This is in response to the King America employees. ... No one wants you to lose your jobs. Just do what is right and quit pollutin' our river. Thank you.

Perhaps if the state department of transportation ... would use our tax money for something besides ... millions of orange drums ... to line the highways ... they wouldn't need the extra penny of taxes.

Folks in Greece ... lining up for free food handouts ... must have ID prooving they are Greek citizens ... to receive food provided by a so-called right-wing group. ... What a novel idea. Imagine what would happen here. ... I seem to think we would hear the word disenfranchise a lot on CNN and MSNBC. ...And just maybe the 'r' word.

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