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August 18 - You know, I'd just like to say ... that it seems to me that Barack Obama is the joker. .
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You know, I'd just like to say ... that it seems to me that Barack Obama is the joker. ... And Mitt Romney is the clown. ... And no matter who wins in November ... this country's still gon' be headed on a downward spiral. ... For at least the next four years, ain't nuthin' much gonna change and that's guaranteed. ... But I still believe in ... God bless America.

The person who wrote the letter in Sunday's Letter to the Editor about the desecration of the land on Highway 67 ... put my feelings into words. It made me physically sick. ... It makes me ashamed to say that I have worked for the city of Statesboro for 34 years when I see this ... being done to ... my home.

Mitt Romney's diplomatic train wrecks and international insult tour ... to England and Israel showed again he is arrogant, inept, tone deaf and unfit to be president.

The search for new ... athletic director for Georgia Southern University appears to be very, very, very ... important. ... I would like to know what that has to do with academic achievement at Georgia Southern University.

The movie, 'Final Destination,' is wrong. ... Your real final destination is heaven or hell. God's Kingdom or the lake of fire. Everyone's life story ends ... either like the movie, 'The Never Ending Story', or it ends with these words, The End. ... How will your life story end?

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