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August 12 - Thank you, Bulloch Bass Club, for doin' the fish fry at Eagle nursing home. It was grea
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Thank you, Bulloch Bass Club, for doin' the fish fry at Eagle nursing home. It was great. God bless you.

Why is it you can be falsely accused of somethin' ... and the police have an easier time of chargin' you with it ... than to you prove that you're innocent and you never did it? ... Makes you wonder, don't it ... what this world's comin' to? ... Thank you.

... The great Ogeechee has been a big part of my life over 80 years ... and I want to thank Judge Turner for tryin' to help protect it.

I think every person who gets welfare ... and food stamps should have to give back to their community ... and county. ... Also, all prisoners ... should have to earn their keep. We should see these people doing community service every day. ... No need ... for trashy roads. ... Let's demand more!

I know how to stop the Ogeechee Riverkeeper. Let King American pull out ... putting several hundreds of people court battle and ... and she has to pay all these people their salaries ... until they can find another job. ... Then Ms. Riverkeeper ... will keep her mouth shut. ... She'll be too busy workin' for all these people that she ... lost their job. ... How 'bout that, Ms. Rivberkeeper? ... And, let her pay the taxes that we'll lose off of King America. ... Have a great day Ms. Ri ... Riverkeeper. ... Bye!

This is regarding the front-page article on Tuesday, July the 24th, 2012, about the Democrats' Gala. ... Andrew Young supports the liberal, bankrupting catas ... catastrophe that is Obama care ... as well as redistribution of wealth and increased government intervention. ... Then he endorses John Barrow. ... Bulloch County, don't be deceived. Conservative, blue-dog Democrats ... leaders, do not exist anymore. Vote for them ... and you vote for radical liberalism ... and vote against the preservation of our freedoms and beloved country.

... I was just wonderin' if the expansion of the fairgrounds on 46 is gon' be ready in time for the fair this year. ... Looks like it's gon' be a big one.

... This is a response to the King Finishin' ... comment in the Soundoff. ... It sounds like to me for six years they've dumped in the river illegally. ... It sounds like that the 500 employees must've had known somethin' about it. ... So, do we need to sue them 500, too ... along with King Finishin' ... and the EPA? ... Thank you and have a lovely day.

To the expert who says the pink stuff in the pond at King America ... is prob'ly ... a dye or chemical ... and thinks the Ogeechee River foundation should be sued instead of the plant: you sound like a true liberal. ... Chemicals kill fish and ... and can destroy a river. ... Not to mention the ... human risk that ... health risk to humans. ... The plant should've thought of those 500 employees before polluting the river. Thank you.

... I've been watchin' the news coverage of the ... shooting in Colorado for the last few days ... and I have yet to hear them ... once use the name ... terrorist for the guy who had committed that crime. ... And I was just wonderin' why. I guess the only way you can become a terrorist is bein' Arab, I guess. Thank you.

I see the workers putting the traffic light up ... at the bypass and the Market District are just as fast as the workers who worked on the bypass before. ... I mean, seriously, y'all. How long does it take to put up a traffic light!?

I have a strong suggestion ... for whoever painted the lines on Main Street. ... Paint 'em in the day time ... not at night. ... Maybe it'll be straighter.

... Could someone tell me what is the name of the company ... that cuts the grass on the side of the roads ... for Bulloch County ... and also maybe who owns th ... this company?

County beautification ... people need to stop throwin' trash from vehicles ... and they need to cover their trash in the back of trucks ... that blows out into the ditches. ... We do not have this trash picked up before the grass is cut. ... Therefore, we have one piece of trash becomes a hundred pieces of trash.

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