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August 11 - "I, too, love my little hummingbirds. They're only here a few short weeks. And they fig
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I, too, love my little hummingbirds. They're only here a few short weeks. And they fight to get from one place to the other where they travel. So, if you go to Lowe's or just about any hardware store, you'll find a solution to the bee problem. So thank you, have a nice day and take care of our little hummingbirds.

There are major issues ... at Georgia Southern University. ... Just like our country ... we are headed in the wrong direction ... with the wrong leadership. ... We're losing a lot of our good professors at GSU ... and we'll lose more. ... This needs to stop.

I would just like to thank the Brooklet Police Department as well as the fire department and all who responded Saturday evening to the call on Brooklet-Leefield Road. ... We really appreciate y'all. You were very considerate and thorough. ... And we just wanted to let you know how much it meant to us. ... Again, thank you all so very much.

I know how to save money in all school districts. Have one school superintendent ... not several ... assistant ... school superintendent. ... Cut out so many office workers. Let 'em multi-task like other companies. ... Don't put so much money in sports and you can give teachers help with things needed ... for their classrooms ... so they won't have to have out-of-pocket expense. And put more emphasis on learning. ... Our ... kids need to learn more than just sports. Thanks! Have a good day.

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